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It's in the eyes

of Jamaican children.


Their country has a spirit, rhythm and pride like no other on earth.

But it also has many communities that are critically under-resourced and chronically under-served—environments that provide no models for success, safe out-of-school activities, or dedicated adult role models and coaches. That’s why many Jamaican children, unable to afford cleats and a ball, turn to alternative lifestyles for answers, like joining gangs, adding to the high rates of crime and violence.  

What those children don’t lack is energy and passion. Given a chance—meaning a role model and a safe place to play—there’s no limit to how much they can learn, achieve and grow. 

With your help, that’s the chance Project Winter Camp will give them. 

Athletic extracurricular activities, coupled with high-quality mentoring, can transform lives and communities. That’s why PWCJ sends specially trained coaches to conduct camps in the strategically selected Jamaican communities of Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, and Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland.